Foods To Calm The Senses

We live in a stressful world.

Research by insurance company, AXA, has found that as many as 4 in 5 British people could be suffering serious burnout as a result of workplace stress thanks to the increasing pressures of an always-on culture.

From the 4,000 respondents to the survey, 59% admitted that taking calls outside of office hours and checking their emails at home often led to them feeling more stressed. When Brits weren’t worrying about keeping up with work they were stressing out over their weight (68%) and paying their household bills (60%).

When it comes to dealing with this stress Britons have a variety of go-to methods. Whilst a third of the respondents said that exercise helped them shake off their worries, a worrying 28% admitted to hitting the sauce in order to wind down, whereas 11% smoked cigarettes to relax. It’s hardly surprising that we lean on our worst vices when it comes to relieving stress, but it is possible to shed your work blues whilst keeping healthy.

We’ve done a little survey of our own amongst our healthy friends and colleagues to see what good foods they eat to relieve their stress. Take a look and see if you’d be able to cook up one of these dishes, instead of sinking into the sofa with half a bottle of wine:

Salmon Stir-Fry

Tammy from YogaMates let us in on her favourite relaxing dish: “As I’m pretty much doing yoga all the time, it isn’t often that I get stressed out but, just like everyone else, I have the occasional day when life just gets on top of me and no amount of stretches can get me calmed down.”

“In these cases I reach for one of my comfort foods, which just so happens to be packed full of the kind of nutrients that are brilliant at pulling me out of my funk and back into my happy place.”

Bag of Nuts

“It sounds silly, but sometimes its the simplest things that can free you of your stress”, says Marko, owner of Naturalates. “Whenever work’s getting me down I reach for a large bag of unsalted nuts and chow down.”

“As long as you’re not indulging in the Honey Roasted or Salted varieties there’s is absolutely nothing wrong with blasting through a couple of  handfuls of nuts to relieve stress, especially when you consider that they’re packed full of selenium which has been cited as a great mood lifter.”

Baked Banana with Dark Chocolate

“I know this sounds indulgent, but please bear with me it is almost definitely good for you.”

Rachel is a fashion blogger and free-lance content writer and says: “There’s something to lovely and warming about a baked banana that it simply melts away any stress that I’m holding onto. Now, this is obviously not something that you can be eating every night, but as an occasional treat there’s really nothing better. I drop a few cubes of rich dark chocolate in with the banana to add an extra layer of sweetness, not to mention a good dose of antioxidants too.”

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